Everything you wanted to know about Chrome Domz
but didn't know where to ask.

1) What is a Chrome Domz?
Chrome Domz are embossed mirrored stainless steel wall decor. We emboss the flat stainless steel to add depth and shine then coat it with a four color process. We then adhered it to a plastic backer with built-in flush mount hanger for easy display.

2) Is it chrome?
The short answer is no, its highly polished stainless steel. 

3) How should I clean a Chrome Domz?
That's easy; you'll want to use a standard window cleaner and a microfiber cloth for best results.

4) Can I mount it on my vehicle?
Unfortunately, no. Chrome Domz are for interior use only. Sorry. 

5) Can I get my business logo made into a Chrome Domz?
YES! Chrome Domz can into any design you want, provided you have the rights to that design. Chrome Domz make any logo look fabulous.